How to Download Videos From Youtube without any Software

how to download mp3 from youtube videos

How to download videos from youtube?

You tube is a platform where millions of users surf to watch videos, upload contents on their channels, and earn a handsome amount of money. Even you can also create your own channel and make earning by simply uploading your own contents. But before you do so, you have to be abiding by the rules and regulations and should learn about YouTube program policies. There are many creators who eventually create videos on the YouTube program policies, so you can follow their channels to learn, keep up with the regular updates. In this article we would be talking about the process to download YouTube videos. The term “How to download videos from youtube?” is always a hot topic to be discussed. There are many such processes and you can find one to store the videos to you storage devices to watch it later.

Here are the siple steps that you can follow to download the video from youtube.

First of all go to youtube official website. https://www.youtube.com

Type your video topic that you want to download on the search box and then click on search button or press Enter tab on your keyboard.

Click on a video from the list displayed to run the video.

Then simply select the video URL on the top search bar.

Right click on the selected part and then click on copy.

The go to other tab and type https://www.yt1s.com

After when the website open up, paste the URL that you had copied earlier, then click on convert.

Then select the format that you want the video to download in. click on get link.

Now click on download to let it get downloaded to you pc.

Also a video is being attached here if you are using smartphone you can simply download the content by using the process told.

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1 Comment

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